Monday, 29 August 2011

The Crafts Place, Wimborne, Dorset

This is run by a friend of mine who is very into recycling, reusing, spinning weaving and other crafts.  It is a real mix of things for sale which she has made, or which others have made and she is selling on their behalf.  She also offers classes in basic things, such as spinning, feltmaking, basic patchwork etc and tutors can hire some space and offer their own classes.  Also bits of fabric, vintage knitting and sewing stuff, including machines - all sorts.  I went to visit last week and was extremely impressed (and very envious!) so I hope she does well.  Go and visit if you get the chance. It is a little out of the way down by the mill race.  She is open 11-4.

Article here :-

'Menu' of activities here :-

It looks a bit cluttered but is a lot my spacious than my pics show because I was trying to get everything in!  I bought a tracing wheel, a pair of earrings made by Jo and some quilting magazines I didn't already have . Managed to keep my hands off a little chain stitching machine, the books and some rather lucsious batts.  So much to look at and the bit that really tickled me was a quilt I made for Angie a while ago, which has pride of place displayed on an armchair (the one with the cockerels on it!).  I think I'll go back at half-term and see what's going on then......


  1. Looks like a real treasure trove!

  2. Looks like a great shop! We'd love to write about it on our Lifestyle Weblog Loving Dorset! (See 'Want to Appear?'page).

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