Wednesday, 6 March 2019

 I have only just found this Blog which is why the dates may look a little Strange and out of sequence.

Shortly after the last post in 2017 Carrie was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. This was removed successfully in July 2017 and Carrie manged her last ever visit to the Festival of quilts in August 2017

\Sadly, at her first follow up check the Tumour  had returned and Carrie started Chemotherapy in November 2017.

On Christmas Day 2017 saw Carrie taken to hospital as she became very ill as a reaction to her Chemo., she was in hospital all over Christmas & new Year.

In January 2018 during treatment they were doing Scans to start Radiotherapy they found that the cancer celsl had spread to the lining on her spine and this was a terminal condition. After consult\ation with Oncology and Immuno-therapy doctors Carrie chose to stop treatment and to have as much quality time with her family and  Friends as the condition allowed. We were lucky tio have Carrie with us for another 13 Weeks, She saw lots of her family and had several great gatherings  & many friends visited in that time. 

She passed away very peacefully at home under the 'Hospice at Home; team from The Rowans Hospice surrounded by her family on March 29th 2018.

Carrie is buried at the South Downs Natural Burial Centre, East Meon, Hampshire ( 18th April 2019). It was a beautiful warm Sunny day and around 100 friends, work colleagues, Quilters   and  family celebrated Carries life and said goodbye'

I want to Thank the Ladies at Breakaways Quilters for completing several of Carries last quilts for us and for Helping to label up the Project Linus quilts.

Chris Hounsell   6/3/2019

Saturday, 22 July 2017

June 2017

Rosemary chose this gorgeous backing for her quilt

Janet did these beautfiful daisies all over the dresden plates

Jackies almost done

Add with beautiful hand quilting with perle cotton I think

and a wonderful backing fabric

And this is Jackie's next one.....

Rosemary and Janet inspecting the fruits of their hard work - beautiful

Janet's wonderful wreaths again

This one is Lynne's, being held by Wendy

and Lynne made this wonderful grow chart for Benjamin

Kim,'s beautifully delicate BOM

Rosemary's dresdens quilted with daisies by Janet

Another gorgeous collaboration

May 2017

Bit of process here for this BOM -- to remind me how these pieces fit together.....

Rosemary's almost finished quilt

which Janet quilted butterflies on and it looks wonderful

Sarah decided to call a halt on her BOM and this is what she did with it.  It is a very striking piece and as ever, looks better in reality

Chris's centre expanding nicely

Polly's bag; she is rightly very pleased with it :)

March 2017

All these wreaths  are Janet's.  She was trying to decide on her borders and corners.  It's a beautiful quilt

Rosemary layered her quilt up that evening, but in the end Janet did the quilting for her and the combination is beautiful, it will be in pics later on

This is one of Jackie's

Chris re-did her BOM middle; it is looking lovely

Not sure whose this is - Lynne? I love how different they all are....

My middle

Chris made 3 star quilts for her grandsons; all slightly different and equally lovely

Piano keys border and scrappy binding

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Feb 2017 again

Lynne's  completed the next round of her quilt

Occasionally I send round links to things which I think may interest our members at Breakaways.  Now, since we had 2 computer crashes one after the other, the second completely wiping out the files my husband worked so hard to retrieve, not to mention my emails and addresses (yes, I know, but the back up failed - my fault as I didnt check), I have no idea which BOM this is from, and when I spoke to Sheila she couldn't remember, either, but she has been making these hearts and triangle blocks as a way of using up her scraps